Cool Candleholders Wanted
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Can anyone recommend candle holders that cast cool shadows?
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Transparent glass candle holders often cast interesting shadows - I have some from Ikea ( HEJ tealight holders, as cheap as free ) that look nice on their own and better set on top of a CD-ROM so that the light that passes through the glass gets reflected up to the walls/ceiling in interesting ways.

I know pulling the IKEA card is sort of lame, but there you go.
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Google is your friend: "candle holders" shadow reveals several sites, including this one offering candle holders with butterflies/frogs/dragonflies/lady bugs shadows.

Of course, you can always do it yourself...
posted by Non Serviam at 6:31 PM on December 4, 2004

I made one out of a tin can with holes punched in it in the shape of stars that made really cool patterns.
I later learned that if you fill the can with water and freeze it first, the can doesn't get all misshapen when you punch the holes.
I used a small smooth-sided can, the kind tomato paste (not sauce) comes in, and a bookbinder's awl that I happened to have. I suppose one could also use a nail.
Pictures of it are here.
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One time during a (ahem!) romantic evening I had brough candle holders to give to my friend, and at one point interrupted our activities to call to his attention the fact that the candle was casting a shadow that looked like an alien's face, with flickering eyes. Don't have a brand name for you, but the candles were on eight-inch metal stems and had glass shades in a sort of bulbous shape, and they held tea lights.
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