Can anybody recommend a personal trainer in Austin for my 70+ dad.
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Can anybody recommend a personal trainer in Austin for my 70+ dad?

my dad is retired and has slowed down. his sedentary life is slowly killing him (and my mother with it). i need somebody i can hire to go to his house and kick his ass. s/he needs to be able to not only train him physically but motivate him psychologically so that he can enjoy his twilight years (and hopefully stay out of a home for a long as possible). nutrition training a plus but not necessary.

he is not infirm by any measure, just lazy and slowing down. i firmly believe that with the proper intervention he could reverse this trend and realize a healthier outlook.

i'm obviously looking for a concrete personal trainer referral that specializes in geriatric clients. however i will gladly welcome any advice from mefiers that have put up with the same situation.
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I have a recommendation for you - Carlton Cullins. He doesn't do geriatric clients exclusively, but he's had many around your dad's age. He is also a nutrition specialist and does a free initial consultation.
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