Where to get Madame Chao's DVD?
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Does anyone know where the get physical copies of Madame Chao's video art? The Ancient Chinese Cathode Ray DVD, specifically.

Does anyone remember the "Madame Chao's" ("Madame Chaos?) videos that used to air on BCAT on Cablevision (in NYC) late nights in the late 90s/early 00s?

It was ridiculously noisy, epilepsy-inducing video art, with samples of old Chinese wǔxiá movies and The Simpsons (here's some I found on youtube WARNING: NSFW, gory violence, disturbing imagery etc.)

I used to work in a store in the E. Village where we had unlabeled copies of a couple of "episodes," with the tape just long enough to hold an episode and "Madame Chaos" scrawled across the top, which makes me assume these were originals. Unfortunately those are now gone (as is the store.)

So does anyone have any info at all on how to get some physical copies? My Google-fu is weak, their website seems to be all sorts of broken (on purpose?) and the Myspace page is unofficial
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I didn't know Adam Chao's stuff was on NY public access. I've only seen him live; he used to come out here to play/battle at the warehouse I lived in. He seems to have fallen off the internets, though this is his bio. I haven't been able to find any source for that video, though other search terms you might use would be "adam chao", "chaorin", and "chaorin kombat".
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I don't know if anyone's still watching this topic, but Madame Chao (or someone who fronts for him) has a myspace page, and it looks like the DVD you want is available. Just go to the page, and click on "view all blog entries".

Alternatively, he's got a website. First hit on google. When you go there, instead of clicking on "Enter", click on the little tiny dot at the very bottom center of the screen. Takes you to a "secret" page that has contact info.
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