Wheat-optional for 21 people in Pittsburgh?
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Where can two dozen people enjoy a good gluten-optional dinner in Pittsburgh?

My family's gathering in Pittsburgh this coming weekend to mark my parents' fiftieth anniversary, and we need grandkids-friendly places that can host us all for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. The catch is that one of my parents has to avoid gluten, so many obvious choices are ruled out (and the consensus first choice -- Mad Mex in Oakland -- can't fit us all). Proximal to Station Square, Oakland or Squirrel Hill is preferred, but if a second choice requires driving somewhere else we can manage.

As a bonus tip -- A recommendation for a bakery in the area where we can order a modest-sized gluten-free cake in advance for Saturday's dinner?
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FWIW, the Mad Mex in Robinson is much, much larger than the one in Oakland, and I'm sure could easily accomodate you, assuming no one comes up with a better solution.
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Mitchell's Fish Market has several locations in Pittsburgh and has been very gluten-free friendly in my experience. IIRC, they even have a separate gluten-free menu, but I'd call ahead to be sure.
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Best answer: Gluuteny Bakery in Squirrel Hill is a possibility for the cake.
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Also -- Double Wide Grill in the South Side offers a lot of marked wheat-free menu options, though I'm not sure it's entirely what you want. Though if you talk to them, I think they could handle your group.
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Yeah, Double Wide could handle that size though I would recommend calling ahead.
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Best answer: You may want to contact the Mad Mex in Greentree as well. While their interior is smaller than the Robinson one, they've got a nice covered deck that I suspect you could take over if you called in advance.

A good friend has Celiac's and we've had good luck eating at the Claddagh in South Side Works as well. I mention it because they've got a variety of small rooms that you could probably have some privacy there as well.

We've done bread but not baked goods at Gluuteny, and it was quite tasty. If you can't make it there, you might want to call Whole Foods and see what they've got available - again, our friend has been able to find desserts she can have there.
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Response by poster: The Mad Mex in Robinson didn't take reservations for large groups for dinners. As it turns out we all ended up arriving at different times, so everybody went their own ways Friday night.

The big Saturday dinner was at Buca di Beppo on the south side, in part because it was walking distance from our hotel, making it easier for my parents to get to. Buca will accommodate special diets if you ask, and served my mother a lemon chicken she liked a lot while the rest of us ate vats of pasta. They also cooperated with my bringing a cake from Gluuteny before dinner. The 10" round cake is very dense and ended up being a lot for our crowd, and somewhere between 1/4 and 2/3 of it was left over. It's the first time my mother's had cake in about a year, so she was delighted. She's got a lot of cake in her freezer now and will be able to have cake any time she wants for a while.

My parents had a wonderful 50th anniversary and a great weekend. Thanks to everybody who answered!
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