Help me self-catering a large party in central London
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Help me self-catering a large party in central London

I am organising a party for a hundred people in Holborn which will include lunch. Catering companies for events are very expensive and their per head prices don't really match my budget. So the idea is to provide a cold self-service buffet. I will be making some stuff myself (with help) but mostly I will be buying in and hopefully by going directly will get better quality for a lower price. Before starting the legwork I thought I would ask you nice people if you had any suggestions for suppliers for:

1) Meat: Whole hams, large cold pies (like pork and pickle or game), etc.

2) Fish: Whole poached salmon.

3) Carbs: I can't really be bothered making an industrial vat of potato salad so this is the sort of thing I would pay a deli or caterer for.

So any recommendations for good local butchers, fishmongers (I know they are unlikely to provide cooked fish but you never know), delis or caterers who will deliver and nothing more? There is minimal refridgeration at the venue and I won't be able to collect on the day.
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Not sure of your budget but have you tried Waitrose? We used them for our post-wedding picnic and they were great. They have whole hams and various large pies in the buffet section.
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That is exactly what I was after! I usually shop at less classy supermarkets so this hadn't occured to me.
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If you google around you might find some discount codes for 1st time orders. I think we got 20% off.
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Less classy than Waitrose, more classy than Sainsbury's, M&S do something similar.
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