What's a good way of getting rid of ear hair?
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I am starting to sprout ear hair and would like to know a good way of getting rid of it.
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Any one will work.

The hard part is reminding yourself to do it.
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Middle-of-the-ear kind, or edge-of-the-ear kind? The edge-of-the-ear kind just needs attention with a set of safety scissors (and get safety scissors — the kind with sharp points are fine for fingernails but dangerous for anything else in the bathroom). The middle-of-the-ear kind can be done with safety scissors as well, although it might be easier with a personal trimmer, which will take care of your nose forest as well.
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Forget scissors. Use tweezers.
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I use a "Philishave" shaver. The type with just two cutting heads. This is small enough to trim ear hair by inserting part of one of the two heads into your ear.

Of course, the sound of the shaver itself is dangerously loud at this point and may cause hearing loss.

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A related question: does the growth rate of ear and nose hair increase as a person ages? The Straight Dope does not answer this question.
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quam: Not sure about growth rates, but I know that getting ear hair at an older age is a genetic variable. So it isn't guaranteed to happen at all.
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From personal experience, I recommend against just going at it with a regular razor.
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I hate this stuff sprouting out of my ears. Makes me look at my grey hair at the same time. Lovely.

I have been shaving it, at the same time I shave my face. I have been meaning to look into some "shop" that gets rid of hair - in particular some new laser technique where they apply a gel and then burn (laser) the follicles away. Boing - no ear hair.

I haven't done the research on this but it's being used on other parts of the body for unwanted hair. I figure it's worth being done with it.

Anyone with more info on this technique?
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The Klipette has been around for years. Works great and it's non-electric for extra convenience.
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For outer ear hair, I use (don't laugh) Nads.

Inner ear hair hasn't been an issue yet, but I don't fancy those electric clippers at all.
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I've been known to burn it off with a q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol, but then I always was hardcore.
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Sometimes when I am driving on the highway with my younger brother, he reaches over and yanks the hairs out of my right ear. He can't reach my left ear, being in the passenger seat and all.

It upsets me, and makes me want to punch him. But I'm usually driving at 60 mph at the time, so my response options are limited.

That might not be an option for you. But that's what happens to some of my ear hair.
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Response by poster: Sadly sacre_bleu, I have only sisters and will most likely try what the mayor suggested instead. Thanks to all of you.
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I especially hate the ones on the edges of the ears after you forget them for a while and then suddenly there they are and you feel like Yoda. The Klippettes look glorious.
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