Decent PC Repair in Bay Area?
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I am looking for a decent PC repair shop/freelancer in the Bay Area to (cheaply?!) take a look at my very broken computer.

I've taken computers in to various shops in Oakland, where I live, and haven't had a good experience yet. Wondering if folks know of a good shop or IT person who is reasonably-priced and would be able to deal with a mysterious hardware problem with my PC tower. East Bay preferable, but not mandatory...Suggestions?
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You may be looking specifically for MeFi referrals, but this kind of question is a good one for Yelp. [Link is searching "computer repair" in "oakland, ca"]
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This fellow.
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Central Computer in Newark/Fremont and San Francisco. My experiences are with their Santa Clara and Sunnyvale stores, where I have had good experiences.
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I bet you can get quick, very cheap, but effective repairs by advertising it to some UC Berkeley comp. sci. students. There's an entire UCB Livejournal community that you can post such a request to. I'd be more than willing to help myself (student in the East Bay w/ some technical know-how) for a couple of beers but I'll be leaving out of the country tomorrow. MeFiMail if you want any personal recommendations.
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