Recumbent trikes in central New Jersey?
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Where can I try (and buy) a recumbent trike in central New Jersey?

I never learned how to ride a bike. (I'm a 28-year-old father of two.) Although I'd love to learn to bike so that I could teach my girls one day, I've concluded that, thanks to various tuchus-related issues (3 pilonidal cystectomies and counting), a regular bike just isn't for me.

Recumbent trikes have a very different seat, and (I think) wouldn't put pressure on those areas I'd like to avoid putting pressure on. But before I make an online purchase, I'd like to make sure I'm comfortable in one.

I'm in Marlboro, NJ, and soon moving to Manalapan. So far, the closest place I've found that cells recumbent trikes is about 45 minutes away. Can anyone recommend somewhere closer to me where I could try one out?
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Best answer: 45 minutes is relatively close, in the scheme of trike dealers. My nearest one is over twice that far, and the next closest after that is maybe 14 hours away.

In terms of estimating comfort, the seat most closely resembles one of those festival lawn chairs that holds you just a couple of inches off the ground. Mostly they are made of nylon and stretched over two support poles so you can adjust the firmness of the seat. You lean pretty far back, but in most non-racing ones it doesn't feel anything like lying down.

Now, judging from that link you provided [thankfully free of pictures!], it sounds like this might not be the solution for you. A regular bike seat puts pressure very low in the tuchus area. Towards/including the business end. That link says that these non-cyst cysts like to live higher up the valley. A regular bike can't put pressure there, but leaning back in a lawnchair-esque seat and pushing on pedals seems like it would be more likely to put pressure exactly there.

Of course, I have no real idea what is comfortable for you. I really think that you should try out a trike because they are so very fun. If I could afford one I would be all over it.

The only other jersey dealer I know about is in fairfield. I don't know if that's any better for you or what, but there you go.
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Yeah you seem like you might be the one person in the world where a regular bike seat is going to be more comfortable than a recumbent. You are going to basically be putting all the pressure on your butt crack. I'm not an expert but that's how I understand it. You might reconsider the upright bike thing because it's not going to put any pressure in that area.
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Response by poster: I sincerely appreciate the concern for my bottom!

I don't want to get too icky for you, so consider this comment to have an


as of now.

My concern isn't exactly where I'm physically putting pressure. I sit in any kind of seat. I'm more interested in limiting the degree to which my cheeks rub together, and the undesired consequences of same. It's my hope that with the full tush support in the lawn-chair-esque recumbent seat, there will be less rubbing than on a standard saddle seat. I'm basing this hope on limited experience with stationary bikes with different seat types.

I'm making an appointment to try out a few trikes at the place I originally linked above, because I think I'll know very quickly once I'm actually riding one if it's going to address my need. I'll keep you posted!
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Response by poster: I ended up with a TerraTrike cruiser from Economy Bikes, and it has been decidedly awesome.
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