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How can I be comfortable sitting on the beach for a few hours, without my back and arms seizing up?

Going on holiday and as much as I love the beach, I really seize up when lying on a beach towel for a long period of time. Any easily packed or widely available items that would aid my comfort. I'm talking where there are no beach beds - but even those after about 15 minutes make me ache!

Obviously I will apply copius high factor - and not stay out for too long....but anyone got any sand implement tips to help me have an even better time??

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You could get one of these folding camping seats.
They're basically just stiff foam and fold in half. Your body weight holds down the bottom so you can lean back against the top.
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Shape the sand, dig an impression just below the waist and a slight depression just above the shoulders. Adjust for comfort.
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The Beach Thingy looks like a good idea.
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Best answer: I'd also recommend not just sitting for extended periods. You need to get up and move around every 15-20-30 minutes or so (as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable, just get up). Do some stretching (the yoga child's pose is a great first stretch after sitting for an extended period). Do some back limbering-- twists; link hands behind your back and bend forward; drape your arm over your head then grab the elbow with your opposite arm and pull towards your head. Finally, walk around for a few minutes.
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Best answer: 1. Face the sun.
2. Spread your feet, bend at your waist, and dig like a dog, piling the sand between your feet until you have a foot-deep pit just sunward of a foot-high mound.
3. Spread your towel over the pit and mound.
4. Sit in the pit facing the sun and rest your upper back and head on the mound.
5. Read a good book.
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