Help identify this recent European comedy film...
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Help identify this recent European comedy film...

Okay, so I'm wanting to find the name of a film and its sequel. It was quite culty, so I'm sure someone will know it.

I saw the first one at the Incredibly Strange Film Festival in Wellington about 9 years ago, and the sequel a couple of years later.

The film was a European (Dutch? Swedish?) crime comedy. I can remember three things from it - in one (both?) a minor character (a chef?) kept hurting himself (like being electrocuted) as a running slapstick gag. Secondly, in one of them (the second?) some of the characters broke the other characters out of jail (by some weird contraption like a catapult or a crane or a helicopter, I can't recall). Finally, at the end of the ?second one, ?everyone gets shot and dies and the main character has some form of out of body / afterlife experience (I think this gunfight makes use of John Woo pigeons, too).

I know this isn't much to go on, but like I say, I imagine that it might trigger bells for someone! Worst comes to worst, I'll email the guy who ran the Festival, but I'd rather try you lot on for size!

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I'll bet it was Pusher and its sequels. Great films.
posted by Forktine at 6:00 AM on June 14, 2009

I just watched pusher and sequels, great films, but your description doesn't sound like what I just watched
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Best answer: did you look through the list of films at previous years festivals?
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Running gags, slapstick, and getting people out of prison using weird contraptions make me think of the Jönson-ligan/Olsen-banden films:önssonligan

I've seen two or three out of these 40 films, so I have no idea if any of them contained any John Woo-stuff.
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Best answer: Oh, missed compound eye's link. I think you're looking for "I Kina spiser de hunde" and "Gamle mænd i nye biler" (the second is a prequel, I think).
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I was gonna mention I Kina spiser de hunde too. The other possibility is Blinkende lygter. I saw both in the theaters when they came out but I don't remember enough to say for certain.
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Best answer: I was going to suggest "In China They Eat Dogs" and "Old Men in New Cars" but then I realized effbot has 'em under their original titles.

Anyway, here's a (Spanish) trailer -- familiar?
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