Modesty without sweating to death in the heat?
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Where can I find a selection of cotton-blend slips and half-slips in Austin, Texas?

I wear a lot of light cotton skirts (mostly knee-length or just above) in the summer that require half-slips underneath. All I can seem to find are slips made of synthetic material that gets sticky and sweaty in the hot summer weather. I tried Petticoat Fair, but all of their cotton slips/half-slips are way too long for me, and seem overpriced. Target and most department stores I've looked in have nothing in cotton. As a bonus challenge, I'm really short, so I need slips that are short.
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If you aren't able to find any place that carries them, maybe you could find someone on Craigslist/etc. who could sew a few of these for you. Slips are kind of a specialty item these days.
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I was going to suggest something similar to lakeroon. Etsy has a feature where you can float an "Alchemy" request: you describe your needs, the price you want to pay, and makers "bid" on your request. You decide which seller to use, and they make them up. It is a really smooth transaction, actually (and you pay after the goods are ready.)

Alternately, this is something a regular sew-er or tailor in your location can easily and inexpensively do. Request cotton lawn fabric for any custom cotton slip for the coverage and undergarment feel and weight that you need. It's a very smooth, lightweight cotton.
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Do you have to buy them locally, or are you willing to buy online? The last time I looked in Houston, there were zero cotton slips... apparently women don't wear them anymore? And I know exactly what you mean about wanting cotton ones!

You can buy them online. HerRoom sells exactly two, and only one that might be the right length for you.
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Seems like The Cotton Mill offers them in custom lengths.

Just Googling "cotton half slips" gets alot of results...
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I was preferring something where I could try them on, because I have a hard-to-fit size, but it looks line online will be the only sure bet right now.
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