Can I upgrade the graphics card on my aging desktop?
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What is a cheap graphics card that is still better than my ATI Radeon X300 and will my old desktop be able to handle a more modern card?

I have just bought Sims 3 and have realised that I need a better graphics card. I don't need anything amazing or expensive but my current graphics card is 5 years old and so I think it is time for an upgrade. I currently have the 128MB ATI RADEON X300 SE and am looking for something in the range of £50.

I have a Dell Dimension 5000 and various forums inform me that its power supply might not be sufficient to handle modern cards. Its 305 Watts. Is this true?
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Something like this would work.

A lot of the modern video cards require 6/8-pin power cables coming from the power supply to provide enough power for the video card. Read the specifications and requirements carefully. The one I linked does not, requests a minimum of 350W, assuming your 305 was a typo and specifically 18A on the +12v rail of the power supply (this info is found on the power supply label).
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Writing as someone whose partner is currently upgrading her PC for Sims 3...

It's probably worth noting that Sims 3 is more CPU-intensive than graphics-intensive. Even with a graphics upgrade, it's likely that your game will still be unplayably slow - certainly it was on a 3.0 P4.

Yes, a 305 Watt PSU is going to leave you very short of power for any reasonably powerful modern card. Also, I suspect you may not have a PCI-E slot, so your options will be limited to AGP - and that's very limited these days.

If you can give any further PC specs, then we may be able to give a more specific answer, but I suspect that you're really going to struggle to get Sims 3 to run well.
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Best answer: Actually Dell's website says the specs for the Dimension 5000 include a PCI-E x16 and PCI-E x1. Look at the Radeon 4xxx series, especially 4550 and 4650. Those aren't too power hungry and are fine for games that don't demand a lot. However, Bodd makes an excellent point about the possibility of the CPU struggling.
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Make sure you know what slot type you need -- if your box is 5 years old, it might take AGP instead of the modern PCI Express. (If your video card is in a different-colored slot that is set back farther than the others, that's AGP.)
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