Help choosing a font please?
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Can you give advice about a font to go with another font?

A friend wants to use Occidental as the "big, pretty, featured" font on a wedding invitation (think bride and groom names), and needs another "simple" or "goes nicely with" font to do the rest of the details. Can you help? It would be ideal if it were either free or comes with Windows (up to Vista). I'm a dummy about these things, and I know a lot of you are *not*. Thanks!
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That isn't really called Occidental, it's a knockoff name. The proper name is University Roman. It's a bit of a cliché in the design world, but if they've fallen in love with it, just tell them to use any clean sans with it. Even Myriad would be OK but I might use Vegur or Aller which are both legally free sans-serifs.

Just don't use any other swashy fonts with it, or else it starts looking like a homemade garage sale notice.
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Response by poster: Thanks, zadcat - and to clarify, it *is* kind of a "they love it" thing.
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