Where can I find a replacement lid for my Dutch Oven?
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Does Benjamin & Medwin still exist? And if they don't, any idea where I can get a lid for my cast iron pan? Can I make one?

I have a cast iron pan that came with a glass lid --- dropped it the other day and the knob cracked. I had thought it was a Lodge --- but it's not, it's by a company called Benjamin & Medwin. There are some stores selling their stuff online, I couldn't find any that had my Dutch oven. They don't see to have their own website, and the when I called the number given for the only address I could find for them, it had been disconnected. Does anyone know of a company that makes glass lids that will stand up to the high heat of cast iron cooking? (I particularly liked to do no-knead bread in mine, and for that I usually crank the oven to 450.) Or if not, is there at way to tell whether a plastic knob from the hardware store can take that kind of heat? The glass itself isn't cracked; I could screw in a new knob.
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You could probably sub a knob from Le Creuset--their stainless steel knob is safe to high temps. It would be a matter of the screw size matching, but a trip to Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma could most likely answer that question.
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Have you considered a metal drawer/closet knob. You'd need to watch for the length of the supplied screw since the lid will be thinner than the expected usage, but taking the screw to the hardware store to match the threads and an idea of length should solve that as well.
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Keep watching the listings on eBay.
Eventually, whatever you're looking for should turn up.
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Best answer: Would this be your dutch oven?

If not, I found there's a "Benjamin and Medwin" supposedly in New York, number 212-686-0060, and one in New Jersey, number 908-206-1181. Both are reported to be run by Jack Medwin, so perhaps they moved recently enough for some sources to not update yet?

You could likely rig up a replacement, but if you want something official, one of those numbers should work. They appear to be a wholesaler with a pretty small office though. Best of luck!
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Response by poster: Thy google-fu is better than mine. The NY number was the one I tried, but the NJ number doesn't work either, more's the pity. I shall have to turn to the Le Crueset knob, looks like. But thank you all very much!
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