Trying to buy the Hole 'MTV Unplugged' DVD onine - in vain.
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Trying to buy the Hole 'MTV Unplugged' DVD online - in vain.

My g/f is a long-time hardcore fan of the band Hole (well, up until the "Be A Man" video. My lady's got taste).

During her teens, she collected songs and videos through copies of copies of audio and VHS tapes through snail-mail -- now mostly unplayable. Among these bad VHSs was the MTV Unplugged.

She was able to find a digital version of that dearest concert on the Net, but it turns out to de-synch progressively, audio not matching video, all that.

She couldn't find the DVD sold online.

With her birthday approaching, I'm been having a look, and turns either can I, so far - both Amazon and my google-fu have proven weak on this.

So : anyone knows where I could buy a legit Region 2 (we're in France) DVD of Hole's 'MTV Unplugged' concert?

Thanks a lot for any pointer.
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Best answer: i'm 99% sure this was never released commercially on dvd. there are a few illegal torrents about the net, whether any are still active i'll 'leave as an exercise for the reader'.
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Best answer: It's correct that this was not commercially released.
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Response by poster: Well, that would explain it.
Thanks a lot for this confirmation, guys.
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