Job Center PHP or Wordpress Configuration
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Looking for simple job application center online application (php is a plus and easy intergration with wordpress or plugin even better) so a client can simply post jobs and have online users fill out an application. Any suggestions?

Most of the wordpress plugins I found were for Job Boards which won't work.

Using wordpress I might be able to achieve this with:

* Create a custom page template that list all items from job category.
* Use cforms II plugin to create one generic online application.
* Have HR write job description as posts to job category with "apply link" to application form in the body.

Would this work? Are there simpler methods?
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You might want to have a look at Zoho Creator, which allows you to design webapps in a kind of drag-and-drop fashion. You can either host your app on their site with more limited template options, or embed the forms/views directly into your own. I'm using it for a project and so far i'm really impressed with it.
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Best answer: Try searching for "applicant tracking system" -- you probably don't need to reinvent the wheel.
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Best answer: I used JobberBase to set up a job board for one of my sites. It doesn't integrate with WordPress -- I have it running on a subdomain linked from my WP blog. It does, however, allow for job posting and applications online. I have limited PHP knowledge and I was able to tweak it to do exactly what I wanted.
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try to easily create your own simple application and post/share/embed anywhere.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far. Will check into Jobberbase, it might do the trick. Also thanks for the search term chesty_a_arthur! Might help find a more suitable candidate.
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