We need another Treasurer! Can we just vote one in?
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Can we elect a co-Treasurer?

I am the President of a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. The work load of our Treasurer is due to increase dramatically next year. We would like to name (or vote in) a co-Treasurer, and are not sure if this requires a change to our bylaws. The bylaws state that the Board has 4 officers, President, VP, Treasurer, and Secretary. Does this preclude us from simply voting in a co-Treasurer? Changing the bylaws has been a long and contentious process in the past, and we'd rather not go down that road.
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I haven't read your bylaws, but from what you're saying...it sure sounds like yes, you need to amend the bylaws.
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why do you have call the new position a co-treasurer? call the position, administrative assistant or book-keeper.

from a leadership point of view, i think you should only have one treasurer - a single person who makes decisions in that area. two decision makers create more head-aches.

what you need is an underling for your treasurer - not an equal partner.
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why do you have call the new position a co-treasurer? call the position, administrative assistant or book-keeper.

Yes, this. If you hired an accountant (which we are about to do, lord help me) you would not have to add him/her to your board. You similarly do not have to add a bookkeeper or business manager to your board.
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Flood is right. You want an assistant for your treasurer.
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One Treasurer and a Financial Secretary, with decision-making and accountability retained by the Treasurer. Financial Secretary can prepare things (write checks but not sign--present to the Treasurer for signature, enter financial data in your bookkeeping system/software, make deposits that are signed off on by the Treasurer and bring back deposit slips to the Treasurer, filing, can even prepare the data used in reporting if they have the capability, make phone calls to follow-up on any outstanding financial issues, etc.)

Treasurer reports to the officers of the organization, Financial Secretary reports to the Treasurer and does not attend leadership meetings, etc.

It's a good system with checks and balances for accountability, etc. I'm a volunteer Treasurer at a 501(c)3 and this is our system.
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