window fan + lightning storm - will sparks fly?
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Is it okay to use a window fan during a thunderstorm?

I leave my window fans running all the time, even during thunderstorms. Frequently I'm not home and not even really aware that a storm will be coming, or it happens while I'm sleeping.

I'm on the 6h floor of a 6 story apartment building. Do I have anything to worry about with window fans & thunder storms?
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It's not going to attract lightning, if that's what you're worried about. Like most electrical appliances, you shouldn't let the fan motor get wet.
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Mine says it has water resistant motors, and that it is safe to use when it is raining. I too leave mine in all the time. I have had one fail, but it was the electronics. I think it got a little too wet. Granted, that is one of the few things not plugged in to a UPS. I replaced it with the same model, and that has made it through many storms.
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Just don't touch it. during the storm, obviously.
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Response by poster: The fans are on exhaust, so mostly don't get wet, unless the wind force is enough to stop/reverse the motors.

Okay, I won't worry about the lightning then. Cheers all.
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I don't see how there is any more danger than with using appliances in general in thunderstorms.

And I've always doubted that was actually risky. Can your TV / Etc actually be shorted during an electrical storm?
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It could get fried by an electrical a surge simply from being plugged in, regardless of if the fan is actually running or not.

It's probably not a good idea to run appliances while away, though.
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Response by poster: I mean away at work, not away for a week.

I was just worried that the fan would attract lightning. I once had a fan sort of angled into the window at an odd angle, and rabbit ears somewhat nearby during a thunderstorm and I saw a tiny lightning bolt in the window & the fan shorted out. Ever since then I've been sort of wary of window fans. But I suspect that it was an odd configuration of window, fan & rabbit ears that built up the static electricity that attracted the tiny bit of lightning.
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