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RentalBeast: Has anyone used this company?

We're moving to Boston for August 1st and are considering using this company to help us find an apartment. It sounds like a nice, easy way to get the job done, especially since we're not from the Boston area and only have 48 hrs in Boston to find a place. Does anyone have experience dealing with them? I'm mostly interested in hearing if this is a giant scam or if the units they show you are just crap. Anything really would be helpful at this point. Thanks a lot all!
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I haven't. What are you looking for? Where? How much? I don't have a lot of perspective on this, but I moved up May 2008, and my ex-GF moved up in October. GF moved to the South End and used a broker there (Gibson something). I moved to a big high rise that I like very much, and they had a leasing office.

This is a good time to be looking, though, as all the students are gone...
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Hmmm, after finding many, MANY negative reviews of this company on Yelp I feel that my money would be better spent towards a hideous realtor's fee or a deposit for a high rise unit. Thanks anyways but I think I'll just keep craigslisting away.
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