Assigning WAV files to MIDI events
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I'm pretty green when it comes to MIDI, but I fully understand the concept. So it seems like a pretty simple thing to be able to assign a WAV file or other sound clip to a MIDI note/event. For some reason I have not been able to find one piece of software that allows me to do it, and do it simply. Any recommendations other than Kontakt?
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You basically are looking for a software sampler. You may be able to find the cheaper Kompakt, also from NI, although it's discontinued. Ableton Live has built-in instruments called "Simpler" and "Impulse" which do exactly what you need. Propellerheads' Reason contains a sampler.

Mellosoftron for Windows is cheaper.
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Best answer: You don't mention what OS you're using, but I've experimented with several.

I have an Akai MPD24, so ymmv.

Mac: By far the easiest way to set this bad boy up. Plug it in, fire up Garageband. Create a new track, choose Software Instrument, and select Sound Effects. Then fire up musical typing and choose the keyboard layout, and you can simply drag loops onto the keys. It's so easy and awesome.

PC: FL Studio allows me to do this with the MPD, and I assume it's similar with a keyboard. After some searching, it's actually the same! Hurray. This Youtube video should help you out a lot. It's long, but straightforward.

Linux: Sucks to be you! That's been my experience at least.
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AudioMulch was excellent and minimal (and free) back in the day, but it seems to have gotten the $200 GUI treatment of late.

Something like MadTracker would do the job, too.
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Ableton, ableton, ableton.
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