Good quality iPod speaker recommendations
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Looking for a high-quality iPod speaker which supports fifth generation iPods, and preferably has FM radio and a clock/alarm clock, to replace an old CD player. Price: unlikely to pay more than $300.

I've looked up previous questions, but they seem to generally be directed at lower cost speakers (however if there are good lower cost, recommend them too!), or are quite old and I assume there would be newer models, etc. since the question was asked.

- Preferably, I'd be able to buy it in Australia (Melbourne)
- FM radio isn't too important considering I mainly download podcasts now
- Clock display is quite important
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what about the logitech pure fi dream? big w just had a sale on them when you bought an ipod, ridiculously reduced. they're quite good looking and the quality is fabulous.

can also be got at jb hifi.
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I've had two units by Altec Lansing and love(d) them both.* The sound they put out is very impressive and they're very portable. Both of mine have had the ability to run on batteries or from an outlet, so they're good for camping or sitting at work.

It looks like the iM600 has what you're looking for and is available in Australia. Their North American section of the website quotes the price at $149.95. If I switch my 'region' to Australia, there is no price. But it gives you a list of companies that sell it.

* The only reason I needed a second was that the first got destoryed when the fire sprinklers flooded my office.
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Thanks, will check it out.
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