Where can I find this dress?!
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I love this dress! - who made it?

Ok, so this dress worn by Teri Hatcher at the Coraline premiere in Sydney is awesome. I certainly can't afford it, but I'd love to find out who made it/where I can get one. Anyone in MeFi land know??

More pics here.

Thanks in advance!!
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Best answer: Wow, that dress is amazing! Now I want it too! I found an article saying it was designed by Zac Posen but I can't find it for sale anywhere online.
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That dress is gorgeous. Here's sort of a slightly similar version that you could maybe style to look sort of somewhat like that (ie, have someone sew black trim around the shoulders, and add a belt, etc).
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Not that I don't have faith in the hive mind, but if you don't find your answer here you might consider posting this question on Makeupalley.com, the women there know virtually everything about current clothing.
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I see similar fabrics in a couple of Posen's recent collection, but not this dress. He does still do custom work, and this might be that.
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Best answer: It's definitely Zac Posen- here's a similar, more cutesy one- but yeah, I can't find that exact dress anywhere on his site or with 5 minutes of Google.
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A lot of times designers will make modified versions of their runway dresses for celebrities to wear. That way, the dress doesn't get seen on anyone else. If you search for "zac posen dress teri hatcher," you'll get lots of hits for this dress. It is very awesome.
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Best answer: I'd guess it was designed for her, specifically- by Zac Posen. If I'm not mistaken, it's typical for a-list actresses to have several dresses made for a big event, so off-the-rack is unlikely.

I had a similar obsession with a dress worn by Dita von Tesse, and took me forever to find who made it (Monique Llhuillier). I sent the photo to a tailor who specializes in making custom copies from pictures, and the estimate was under $200. They sent fabric samples, which was helpful.

I never ended up having it made, but that seems like a reasonable means of getting that dress for yourself.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much guys! That similar, more cutesy one is pretty great as well, and looks like I could find it somewhere ... too bad it'd cost an arm and a leg. sigh.

I love the idea of making dressed from pictures - I think I will certainly have to check that out!
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I wonder if someone on Etsy's Alchemy could make this for a not-insane price. If so I'd totally go splits with you on the cost of paying someone there to draft a pattern for it!
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