How will Fiesta Nacional de España effect my trip?
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I'm going to be in Spain RIGHT before October 12th (Fiesta Nacional de España), will anything be open?

Got a RIDICULOUS airfare from Seattle to Madrid and wasn't aware of the holiday. My vacation is from October 1st, leaving the 11th.
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Oh crap. I did the same thing. Except we come back the 12th. Well for 220 roundtrip from JFK who can complain.

That's right 220. All In. God bless you Delta as you hurdle towards insolvency.
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Yes. All week will be business as usual except on Saturday afternoon and Sunday where most shops will close, except for bars and some big shopping centres. On the 12th itself it'll be roughly like Sunday. From Friday it's likely that some people will leave for the 3 day weekend, but the city won't be deserted or anything, although its a bit random, some years most people actually stay in the city and the long weekend nights are quite busy. You will hardly notice.
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The Spanish love their holidays. Be aware that any public transport may not be running, and try not to get stranded anywhere (as happened to me when it turned out the coach I was hoping to get out of a small town didn't run on holidays).
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Good to know all. I guess I have a US-centric view that all European countries essentially dissolve whenever one of their dozens of holidays comes around. I'm hoping the metro isn't too bad.

JPD, $250 from..... SEATTLE! That is under 5 goddamn cents per mile. Easily losing money on fuel here.
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Also JPD, we should meetup and with some Spanish mefites and celebrate cheap airfares!
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I was just in Spain during a Feria in one of the towns, and although things had slowed down, we could still see the sights and eat, and since Madrid is a much bigger city, I would assume you'd be fine. I was also just in Madrid, and I highly recommend the restaurant La Finca de Suzanna. Delicious and cheap and classy.
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Public transport will still be running, albeit possibly with a somewhat reduced frequency. You shouldn't really have much trouble unless in that regard, unless you manage to get yourself stranded in a small town like Artw did. :)

Since you're leaving one day before the holiday, you'll probably not even notice, except for the fact that the reads out of major towns may be a bit more congested with holidaymakers. You'll be fine. Have a blast!
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It should be noted that it was a *very* small town. We found a nice place to stay though, and good food.
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Having lived there during that time, things will be normal before the holiday. No difference at all really.

As stated above, the 12th itself runs sort of like a Sunday. (Note that Sundays in Madrid are quiet in the morning and early afternoon but as the day gets later you will notice more things opening.) There will be a parade and some activity in the streets earlier in the day, but transportation runs and anything essential will be available.
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