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I'm going to be in the Los Angeles area for the first week of July and possibly the last week of August. I'd like to be in the audience for the taping of a TV show.

I'm English so don't know most of the current crop of US sitcoms, and ideally would like to see something that I would be able to relate to, either comedy or current affairs. Any suggestions and/or recommendations on how to go about getting tickets?
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How about a late-night talk show, like The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien? Here is how you get tickets.
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Your best bet would be a late-night talk show. I can't think of many tv shows nowadays that are billed as "filmed before a live studio audience."
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Not as many shows seem to be "taped in front of a studio audience" these days. Talk shows like Conan, Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson might be easier to get (and more interesting than game shows).

What about The Big Bang Theory? Looks like taping might not start until August though and I don't see anywhere on to get tickets... you might have to investigate that one.
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There are plenty of legit ticket bookers, like Audiences Unlimited. This page lists all the shows that do tape before live audiences... scroll down to see the ones that are currently not shooting.
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Every Thursday evening they tape The Soup (with Joel McHale) in LA. I went to it, live and pretty funny. And free. My friend got us on the list, but I'm sure if you search around, you can get on there since you have plenty of time.
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If you can figure out how to get tickets to So You Think You Can Dance, that would be a fun show to see.
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Shows I would try to get tickets to in the LA area:
Craig Ferguson
The Soup
Price is Right (yeah, Drew Carey kinda sucks as host, though)

Most have already been mentioned, but I thought it worth 2nding.
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That might be a little tricky since some show are on hiatus...(my brother works for Ellen and is off during that time!)....but I know that tickets to Price Is Right are easy to get. Make sure whatever you want to see is taping during that time. Most shows are free but many take a break in the summer. Good luck!
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Note for the future: Anyone interested in going to The Price Is Right, be aware that this is a full day ordeal. Since anyone in the audience can get called up, they actually do short interviews with each and every person.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I went, and if you have a full day to burn, it's worth it. But I live here. If I were here for a week's vacation, The Price Is Right wouldn't make the list of ways to spend a day.
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