How do i set up a standard business plan?
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How do i set up a standard business plan?

Do you know of any templates or examples of business plans (maybe in form of powerpoint presentations)?
Also what elements should i include in it? Is it important to cut the crap or to be very precise?

Also what are good mediums to find out what product is in demand in a certain area/group of people? I could interview people in my town, but when other people do this i perceive of it as being annoying. So are there any non-annoying ways to do this?

Thank you
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It's hard to give specifics given the vague nature of your question, but generally a business plan includes: (1) what the product or service is, (2) how the company plans to generate revenues, (3) competitive challenges, (4) capital requirements, and (5) a three to five year projection of revenues and expenses.
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Actually, one resource is the Small Business Administration's web site.

This web site is geared toward US citizens, however, the general principles are the same no matter where you start your business.
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Always thought this was a good overview. Good luck!
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