Help drafting pet's death announcement
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I need to email an announcement about the death of my dog... but I am very emotional about it and do not want people to contact me via telephone with their condolences. I am having trouble drafting a sentence stating this that doesn't sound rude or like it's coming from a robot. Could you possibly help?

Here's what I've written so far:



Yesterday my dog Satchel developed a bump which, after a biopsy, the vet has determined is a rapid growth cancer. Euthanasia appears to be the only solution.

Over the past eleven years, some of you have dogsat Satch or walked him, brought him bones and treats and gifts and I wanted to thank you for your kindnesses and for helping make his life as good as it has been. Satchel has lived with me since he was 13 weeks old and he has been a wonderful friend. I am very sad to see him go.


And then the robot comes in with: "As you've probably surmised, I am rather emotional right now and ask that you keep any communication regarding this matter strictly electronic."

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"This is an emotional time for me, so I'm not feeling up to talking about it on the phone right now. Email is best for the time being. Thanks for understanding."
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"As you can imagine, I'm pretty emotional about this right now and would prefer to keep any talk to email.

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and care,

I'm terribly, terribly sorry.
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I think it sounds pretty good. Maybe drop the "As you've probably surmised," part. How about "I'm pretty emotional right now and would like a little time to myself to grieve. If you'd please refrain from calling or dropping by, I'd appreciate it."
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It sounds fine the way you have it; people will understand.

And I am *so* sorry to hear this.
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"I'm sending this as an e-mail because I'm really not up to talking about it just yet. Thanks for understanding."

Also, include a picture. Also-also: sorry.
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Also, what youcancallmeal said -- people will understand. Nobody is going to think that sounds robotic.
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I'm going to need some time to work through this, and I don't think that I'd be up to talking about it in person just yet.
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both katillathehun and A Terrible Llama have it. You will not come across robotic, and everyone will understand.

You have my sympathies.
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Thanks, everyone.
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And also also also, so sorry about this! It is never easy. But I think it will mean a lot to them that you've taken the time to thank them for their various kindnesses to your canine companion over the years.
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Your announcement and the various suggestions upthread are all fine options. And ohh, you don't sound robotic -- you managed to put a whole lot more heart into it that I managed to when my cat died in November.

So sorry for your loss.
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"Strictly electronic" is why it sounds like a robot, I think. I like the best answers replacement of that.
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I am so so sorry that you are going through this.

Is there a charity where people could make donations if they wanted to, in Satchel's name? That might be nice to include, too.
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Is there a charity where people could make donations if they wanted to, in Satchel's name? That might be nice to include, too.

The Humane Societ[ies] of both the US and Canada are set up to take an "in memoriam" donation.
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I'm so sorry for your grief, and send my empathies. There is no word, like widow or widower or orphan, for someone who has lost a pet. If there is, that might be my first question here.

I agree with the "strictly electronic" part as being what sounds robotic, even though your friends would understand. Your letter is lovely, and conveys everything you need to.

If it's of any help, here is what I wrote when my dog passed, and just the salient part below:

"When you see us, your sympathetic glances will be enough. Nice words and kind things to say will only get a choked up "I know", or "Thanks". The veneer of composure that we're wearing is the thinnest covering for our broken hearts, and all it will take is an "I'm sorry about Beauty" to break it. Our eyes are sore and teary, we have been sleepless for a long time, and we can barely keep ourselves from worrying our daughter with our shocking grief."

And I still had to shake my head and blubber at people when they couldn't help themselves.
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what folks have said... don't over think it, people will understand, they know who you are..

sorry about this... hang in there...
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You could just not say anything and let those who are so inclined to call and leave a nice voice mail if they so choose.
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I'm so sorry.

I think your e-mail is good, but there are also good suggestions here.
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