Crunchy, crafty mom shopping nirvana in NYC?
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Which crunchy/crafty/eclectic/kid-centered type stores should I visit when I'm in NYC? I'll be there for a seminar but will have some free time afterwards.

I am going to spend a weekend in New York City next month for a work seminar. While most of my time will be spent at the seminar, I should have time in the evenings and during the afternoon before my flight home. I'm looking for suggestions for great toy stores, craft stores, crunchy stores, funky home decor stores, markets -- in short, any place a kinda crunchy/crafty/resourceful mother of a toddler would love to visit in NYC. I'll probably stick around Manhattan but would take a subway trip to a borough if the place seems fantabulous enough.

Pearl River and Paper Source would be fun stops (we don't have Paper Source where I live) but I'd welcome suggestions for other places.

Thank you!
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Lee's Art has a several of the things your are looking for.
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Toy Tokyo! So many fun treasures, from very cheap to very expensive.
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The Brooklyn Super Hero Supply store is very unique, but in Brooklyn. Dylans Candy Store is every kids dream. Time Out NY has a kid issue available at most newstands. Have fun!
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Try Pylones - there's a few of them scattered around Manhattan. Definitely sounds like what you're looking for.
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Toy Tokyo, Kid Robot, Kiosk, MoMA Store (not that crunchy but interesting and have a great toy selection), Muji (the Times Square one is best), Mxyplyzyk, Maxilla and Mandible, Flight 001, Moss (also not crunchy but modern and out there), Obscura Antiques & Oddities, Marchand de Legumes, the shop at the MTA's museum (also good for kids), Kinokuniya (for stationary, paper goods), Brooklyn Superhero Supply, and The Smile (a general store/cafe/tattoo parlor).
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Evolution Store is cool. Also seconding Kid Robot, Pearl River, and the MoMa store.
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Tender Buttons at 148 East 62 Street, near Bloomie's--most beautiful buttons in a tiny store full of boxes, draws, and buttons galore.
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Dinosaur Hill is always freakin closed whenever I go eat at Veselka, but I really look forward to going there during store hours.
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