WalMart's Canopy Furniture?
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Does anyone have any experience with Canopy brand furniture (sold by WalMart)?

WalMart has evidently stepped up its marketing -- the new Canopy brand furniture looks lovely ... nice logo, great catalog, high end style. Of course, it's still WAL-MART, which makes me think "cheap" (the prices certainly are). Anyone seen this stuff in person or - better yet - bought it yourself? Where on the spectrum between heirloom woodworking and particleboard junk does it fall?
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(WorkedForWalMartFilter) - Even if it's a successful brand name, Wal*Mart leverages businesses to tack their brand name onto substantially inferior products in order to extract cost savings. I'd steer clear of them like I was avoiding the plague.

FWIW - It falls far beyond "particleboard junk" on the spectrum you're describing - and not to the good side of "particleboard junk."
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I think I saw some of that in WalMart recently and the floor models were really scratched and banged up.
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Think about what you're considering for a second. WalMart also sells bacon and toilet paper. I would not expect the quality of their furniture to be any good at all.
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