UK Fringe Resources Wanted
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What are some great resources, preferably online, of fringe arts (burlesque, cabaret, circus, improv, street theatre, etc) in the United Kingdom?

I only know of Ministry of Burlesque and that's it. I'm looking for listings of events, schools, workshops, venues, performers, anything to do with the more oddball non-conventional performing arts. I'll likely be concentrating on England, but Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland-related links are good too.
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Well there are the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Brighton Festival Fringe, for starters.
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These sites may have what you're looking for...

MissingLinkProductions Ltd -
Provider of performers in the United Kingdom. Seems to cover any and all non-conventional arts. hypnotic fire dance, fire eating, hoopers, spectacular angle grinding, live electric stunts, whip cracking, bed of nails, fakir, glass jumping, aerials, etc.

VIVA Aerial Dance -
Aerial Silks act for corporate functions, special events, variety and TV.

Stiltskin -
A visual arts and street theatre company, based in England.
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