Prescription add-ons?
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How do I go about getting extra prescription coverage to go on top of my BCBS plan, to cover me when I hit their payout limit?

I'm a 25 year old female with Crohn's Disease and Depression living in Michigan. My monthly medication expenses before insurance are in the range of about a thousand dollars.

I'm about to go to BCBS individual as I'm a grad student and no longer can stay on a parent's plan. However, there is a cap of the amount of money they'll spend on Rx's and depending on how deep the contracted rate is, I could max that out in a few months.

I'd like to get a rider through some company that will allow me to either double up on each month's Rx or pay for the Rx that BCBS won't after the cap. Unfortunately, I take stuff that's usually on Tier 3 of formularies (the specific, non-generic stuff), so bonus for copay plans instead of Rx discount cards.

Has anybody had any experience in this sort of thing? I googled but I'm either using the wrong search terms or there is nothing but confusing ad sites out there. Thanks!
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Your folks *might* be able to argue into extended coverage if they support you financially as a medically disabled depended. My folks did this back when I was younger and was very ill and unable to work full time. But they clearly were supporting me and declared me as a dependent on their taxes at that time.
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