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I need an antique (or sufficiently vintage-y-antiqu-y styled) trunk for my living room. Problem: every piece I've seen to has been too big, too worn, too ugly, or too expensive. Where would I find stores/markets/fairs/dealers in the NYC metro area that might carry such trunks? I got a zipcar, so I can tool around the tri-state area. Insanely detailed requirements follow.

Ideally, I'm looking for something about 15 inches high, under 40 inches long and under 26 inches wide. No curved tops, as it has to function as a coffee table. Uneven top surfaces (planks, etc) are okay. I'd also like really cool metal handles and locks but it's not a deal breaker. It should be able to open without creaking and breaking.
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What are you willing to pay?
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Not ideal, but the Bombay Storage Trunk from World Market is 50"W x 15"D x 18" H. You could probably leave the legs off to make it shorter.
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Response by poster: What are you willing to pay?

$500 is pretty much the top limit, but flexible for an outstanding piece.
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In recent issues of Architectural Digest I've seen a full page ad running for a guy who does fine replicas of old trunks.
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Suggestions upon browsing: 1, 2, 3
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Have you tried ABC? Every time I go there, even if I don't end up buying anything, I find inspiration. Just finished decorating my new apartment and can't tell you how much I wish we had an ABC store in LA!
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My suggestion, is to go with a cedar chest and Lane makes really nice ones. I just acquired a mid-century modern one myself and I love it. A nice one in good condition shouldn't run you anymore than 200 or 300. I just kept an eye out on craigslist for about a week until one popped up that I liked. There's a really cool one right now on the NYC craigslist for a really good price.
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Response by poster: I found the ideal table at a garage sale which I then sanded and stained and re-did the fittings and legs to be an invisible coffee table/chest.
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