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Need help locating a repeating flower vector image. What search terms at iStockphoto would work for finding the flower element behind the text on this image?

I'm helping a friend redo her site and this was a design element from her logo, but the logo designer used Microsoft Publisher and I can't get a vector version into illustrator or photoshop, so I'd like to find a nice clean vector version at iStockphoto, which I'll gladly pay for.

I've come really close in a few searches for flower patterns, celtic type illustrations, etc, but I can't quite find the right image. Anyone got any search terms I should be using?

I've been searching for the last two hours and I've finally given up and am asking for help here instead.
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Did you search for vector images in wikicommons?
The have similar types of images, upon a cursory glance, although these examples are more circular/symbolic than floral.
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or succulent
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How close does it need to be? This comes fairly close. I did a search for "flower" + "icon" but there's a lot of stuff to wade through.
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Maybe or perhaps build up a pattern from this.
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If you can't find anything else, I took a shot at recreating it from the image you provided. It isn't perfect (looks more like a sketch than a clean vector) but it took me just a few minutes to remove the text, pull the file up in Illustrator, do a Live Trace and then fill the background with a color swatch based on the existing pinkish diamond pattern. But it doesn't look too bad, considering the original had a kind of hand-drawn look to it. Anyway, it's here if you want it, and it's a vector. Could probably be cleaned up a little more, and the fill color / pattern can easily be changed. If it needs to be a repeating pattern, shrink it down, make it a solid color and tile it.
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Looks like a shape that might have come from a Photoshop brush, instead of vector art. Which doesn't really make it easier to find, but offers another avenue for hours of fruitless searching if you're interested.
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