Where can I get this shirt?!
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I was out to lunch the other day and saw this guy across the way wearing this great t-shirt. Being largely anti-social, I could not work up the nerve to inquire of him where he got it - thinking instead that I could just use my excellent Google-fu. Of course, that has turned up nothing. Maybe you can help.

It was a kind of mud green color, and at the top it said "MY MANDIBLES" and then there was a picture of.. a pair of mandibles.. and then under that it said, "They click for you." Or maybe it said, "They clack for you." I couldn't really tell.

Apparently the Mandibles are a band of some popularity, but I don't think that's related.

Anybody see a shirt like this before?
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Have you checked threadless? Apparently you can't search, so you'll have to browse all the designs. I thought maybe mental floss, too, but it turns out they don't have any shirts with that design currently.
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How can Threadless seriously not have a search feature?! I mean, I just went there and you're absolutely right, but what the hell's up with THAT?!
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Maybe the shirt was advertising something? Was it a human jaw, or a shark jaw, or...?
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Threadless does have a search feature. At the very bottom of the home page click on "catalog." This will take you to the full catalog and you can search. Unfortunately, I searched for "mandible" and I don't think they have your shirt.
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If you can't find it on Google, it's probably a shirt that was made for a private group (maybe an entomology lab?), not something that's commercially available.
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Could it be a Woot shirt? Unfortunately, they don't really have a back catalog.
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  • Text list of all Woot shirts ever.
  • Thumbnail images of all Woot shirts ever.

    I don't see any mandibles, but there are a lot of designs there.

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