Looking for a specific elvish ring
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Due to a screw up on my part, I misplaced a friend's ring. I would like to order a replacement online, if possible. The ring is thick and bulky with elvish inscription around its sides.

The ring is, as mentioned above, thick and bulky. Most 'fantasy' elvish rings I've turned up on Google are dainty and elegant 'love' rings meant for couples and such. This ring is nothing like that. It looks like it is made of dull iron, not silver. It is also chunky, as opposed to delicate.

The inscription is not carved into the ring; rather, it is carved out of the ring (by carving out the blank spaces around the inscription in order to give it its shape; sorry, forgot the technical term for this). The inscription is a dull gold or copper colour. Whilst I describe the inscription as 'elvish', I don't think it is pedigree Tolkien elvish script. It's just something that looks relatively arcane and scrawly.

The ring is much longer than a regular ring. If you set it on a table it would stand at approximately slightly less than 1.5cm tall... which would be around half an inch, I'm guessing.

I do not have any photos of the ring available, unfortunately. But please let me know if you think you know what I'm talking about, and have seen it before. My friend purchased the ring in London, from a 'dinky little shop' that was down to its last piece.

Thanks a lot!
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You could go on Etsy, find someone who does metalworking and takes requests, and request a custom piece. You can also post a request for a custom piece on Etsy's Alchemy.
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I know you said you wanted to do this online, but most jewelers will custom craft pretty much anything you want, and it doesnt have to be expensive. Just check around. I get the impression you're in the UK, so I can't speak to shops over the pond, but here in the states we have stores like 'Hot Topic' which is a kind of kitchy shop that carries t-shirts, posters and jewelry that will often have really inexpensive stuff the likes of which you speak of. I'm sure there must be a UK equivilant. Or find a store that sells RPG and gaming supplies.

And if you get a ring with 'elvish' script that makes you invisible, run away. Seriously. Or find a volcano and toss it in.
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Something like this? Available here for £82 (ouch!)

The phrase for the raised carving is 'in relief'
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Here's one on eBay in stainless steel.
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Oh man. I have seen THIS ring every time I take a god-damn flight. I bet this would more than make up for losing your friend's jewelry.
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Response by poster: Regarding custom-crafted jewelry: I don't think I'd be able to get a jeweler to custom-craft anything close to what the ring looked like; the inscription carved in relief (thanks essexjan) was sort of crudely intricate and overwrought, and would be hard to describe. Also, knowing my friend, he'd rather just forget about the whole matter than receive a pseudo-replacement custom ring from me.

essexjan's suggestion: The ring is slightly longer than that, and the inscription is in copper/gold and far more clustered together than your suggestion. But thanks for trying, and for providing a basis for comparison! Actually the inscription looks sort of similar to the runes on your eBay link; so I'm going googling for 'runic ring's now.

hal_c_on: He's a LOTR fan but I suspect he'd be unsatisfied with anything but the actual ring that I misplaced.

Thanks for the suggestions, and keep them coming!
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Response by poster: The ring looks *very* similar to this, but with runes instead of English lettering in the middle inscription.
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