Peace and quiet in Catalunya mtns
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Off the beaten track in the Catalunya mountains?

Similar to my question last year about my trip to Scotland (which was awesome, btw), this query pertains to my planned trip to Spain later this summer. I have got it into my head to go to Barcelona. Upon some initial research, Barcelona sounds like a nice city but a bit of a zoo in August (which again, is my best time frame for vacation), but I really don't imagine wanting to spend my entire 9 days there. Could anybody recommend a place in the mountains where I could chill out away from the maddening crowds, and do some hiking? Or should I just grit my teeth and wait till September. Bonus points for access by public transit, and for being not expensive. The books that I have looked at so far do not offer a ton of info on accomms, etc.

Thanks in advance!
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La Seu d'Urgell! I rode the bus there from Barcelona--a gorgeous ride through mountains.

La Seu is a mountain town in the far north of Catalunya with hikes that start at the edge of town. The hikes go up and down enough to feel like real hiking, but it's not mountain climbing. When I was there a few years ago the only maps were in Catalán and weren't entirely accurate, but when I got lost I could see the town below me and just bushwhacked my way back. The trails I took had only sporadic shade and were hot in June; stick to mornings or evenings.

There was also a small business that takes people out to more extensive hiking farther from town. I didn't try them.

The old town in the center is small but well-preserved and quaint, and it contains an excellent artisan cheese shop.

If you like water sports, La Seu also has some sort of Olympic-quality kayaking chute-thing with rapids.

I really liked La Seu after the city-ness of Barcelona. I extended my stay there rather than go back to BCN.
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P.S. It's pronounced something like "La SAYoo doorJAY"
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