How long a drive from Latsi to Nicosia?
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In Cyprus, roughly how long would it take to drive from Latsi/Latchi to Nicosia?
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According to this site, the drive from Nicosia to the city of Polis (of which Latsi/Latchi is apparently the port) is around 50 miles or so. The official site for the city of Polis says it's about two hours to Larnaca airport, which the first site says is about 70 miles from Polis. So if that's correct, then you're probably going on smaller, winding and/or hilly terrain... or these distance estimates are way off.

However, the whole island is only 150 miles wide (and I assume that's to the far eastern tip). Obviously that's a crow-flies distance, not a road distance. Nonetheless, if you look on a map, you can see that Nicosia is indeed a fair bit closer to Polis than Larnaca. So maybe about 1.5 hours would be a reasonable guess.
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