Disable "Inline Search" in Safari 4 Beta for Mac
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Is possible to disable "find in page" on Safari 4 Beta?


I hate that the "find in page" is activated by just typing anything in the page instead of Cmd+F and then search.

On some pages that requires some keystrokes to do some actions it's annoying.

Do you know if it can be disabled to use only the Cmd+F and search box instead?

(Also I'm worried if it's a plugin I've installed functionality, so please confirm me if you're experiencing the same thing or it's only me)
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only you
posted by mpls2 at 1:21 PM on June 7, 2009

only you - mac mini, 10.5.7, latest safari 4 beta. That would really wind me up...
posted by derbs at 1:22 PM on June 7, 2009

All i can think it is, is something like quicksilver, or similar
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Look in /Library/InputManagers and $HOME/Library/InputManagers which is the 2 locations that such extensions typically reside in.
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Response by poster: Just to be sure, this is what I'm talking about:
It appears when I've just started typing "dis" anywhere in the page.

I'll try disabling plugins and see what happens.
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From that screenshot, it looks like the grey find bar is dropped down (the one that only normally appears when you press CMD-F). Is it always dropped down, or does it drop down when you start typing? What happens when you click the "Done" button in the bar and then start typing?
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Response by poster: It drop down when I start typing anywhere except form fields.

As you can see it's really annoying.
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I get that, and the only funny thing I'm running is Glims (bugs me too, come to think of it). Are you running that, and can you find a preference to shut it off?
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Best answer: Yeah, if it is Glims, go to Safari menu, go to Preferences, Glims tab, Misc section, and deselect "Auto select browser search banner (type ahead support)". That stops it for me.
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It's got to be fiwt - Safari find as you type, part of SIMBL

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Response by poster: Awesome, it was Glims.

Thanks everybody!
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Did you find a way of turning this off in Glims, or did you have to uninstall it all together?

I don't see a preference for the feature in the Glims settings.

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oops... found it. somehow missed the preference description above.


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I'm having the opposite problem. I came upon this thread because I want the find as you type function in Safari and I can't figure out how to enable it. I tried downloading SIMBLE and Gims but I'm still finding that I need to press apple+F to do a search. How did you get it to go the other way?
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