Music that helps drain that game winning three.
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Can anyone tell me the name of this piece of music? (Warning: Splicd/Youtube link of teh oldskool basketball)

It appears on 'Larry Bird: A basketball legend', an NBA home video production from the early nineties (hence the link), though I think this is not the only NBA video I have heard it on from that era. I used to watch these videos religiously, I always loved this composition and would love to track down a recording for posterity.
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It sounds like incidental/filler music from a stock library. You could probably get an idea of where it came from by scouring the credits.
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NFL Films has had bespoke musical scores produced. It's possible this is something that NBA Home Video (or whatever -- this seems to be from Team Marketing) had composed.

At any rate, my inclination is that this sounds too generic to be anything special.
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Sam Spence - Raider Might.
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Gigantic gold star for cashman.
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