Beatles Better than Bejewelled Self-Dribbling Basketballs!
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Who produced this psychedelic video for Within You, Without You by The Beatles? Is it part of some larger project? Where could I find it at higher res (how would I search for a torrent)? Where could I find the interesting mix of the song used in it (which samples a drum break from Tomorrow Never Knows).
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Okay, apparently it's from a Cirque Du Soleil Show associated with (based around?) a remix album called Love.
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Vice versa, actually -- the remix album is music from the show. I missed the circus, but the album is pretty solid!
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Also, there's a making-of DVD of the show available which is supposed to have a lot of great footage, and may well include that segment (though I can't say for sure).

Wikipedia has more info on the remixes Giles Martin made, if you're curious.
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