Health Insurance Without Employer Support
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Please help me find medical coverage/insurance for a five year old.

A close friend of mine can't get insurance through his employer. He has a five year old son who he really wants/needs to have covered and will have to pay out of pocket.

He can afford about $100 a month which is much less than what he's found so far.

I would really appreciate any help or ideas.

Many thanks in advance!
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What state is he in? Lots of states subsidize health insurance for kids. Here's a link for New York's program Child Health Plus.
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Best answer: What state is he in?

California has Healthy Families which is: "low cost insurance for children and teens. It provides health, dental and vision coverage to children who do not have insurance and do not qualify for free Medi-Cal."
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Best answer: If his income is low enough, his child will probably qualify for the Healthy Families Program in California.
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Kaiser tells me that SCHIP eligibility is pretty high in CA, $44000.
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Arnold is trying to eradicate Healthy Families, so I truly hope your friend isn't in California.
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Arnold is trying to eradicate Healthy Families

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Response by poster: Hey, thanks guys. It looks like Healthy Families is his best option so far, until Arnold eradicates it that it.

Bummer, but thank you guys very much!
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