Where to have custom photo jigsaw puzzles made?
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I was interested in getting my dad a photo jigsaw puzzle (from a digital file...) for xmas, and wanted suggestions from folks who have actually done this. There are quite a few sites selling them, but I'm looking for a recommendation. The final puzzle should be 500-1000 pieces.

Thanks in advance.
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I couldn't find any that went above 100 or so peices, but that was in the UK. The site I used www.arty-zan.co.uk now seems to do more pieces, but still max 280.

Family loved the present, esp. as I was away. Jigsaw's is one ot the things we did as a family in my youth (Although I have to admit my sister and I we're more into the finding the edges at the beginning, doing the easy bits and then coming back when it was time for the last peice)
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