Which 2d game framework should I use?
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So I want to make a 2d game and I'm looking for a framework/engine to build it in...

I'm going in pretty naked. I have experience programming in Java, C, C# and an assortment of scripting languages. After a bit of research I've found myself trying to pick between using Game Maker, which looks fairly shallow, or Flash and ActionScript, which looks like a steeper learning curve but provides me the benefit of having the game be cross-platform.

Should I use Game Maker?

Should I use Flash?

Should I use...a different thing?
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You can also use XNA Game Studio from Microsoft if you know C#.

Game Maker is pretty good though, especially if you go straight to using code instead of the drag and drop interface.

I wouldn't start with Flash/ActionScript.
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I would start with ActionScript / Flex or FlashDevelop, because AS3 is a very easy transition from Java. Cross-platform ain't a bad thing either.

This thread may be of interest.
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I am currently building a 2D engine for an XNA game (and nearing completion on it!), which means it can run on a Windows PC, XBox 360, or Zune. I'd second the suggestion of using XNA -- it's C# based, and provides you with a really nice platform from which to start. You can focus on, say, the logical layout of your tilemaps, rather than pixel rasterization and texture clamping.

Feel free to send me a note if you'd like any help!
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I'd go with Flash/AS3 for the following reason:

Flash is installed on over 95% of computers and so your game can be played without an install. This gives you an incredibly effective feedback/development loop, so you can learn which gameplay elements work, which don't, and which need tweaking. It's pretty easy to find fresh eyes to look at your game when there's no install.

If you know Java, you'll have no trouble with the AS3 language, although you will need to learn the particulars of Flash's display system, events, etc.
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Flixel looks pretty interesting for web stuff.
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Go for Flash, simply because you can instantly publish any games you make without worrying about compatibility, viruses, installation issues, etc. For a beginner, allowing people to play your early efforts and getting feedback from them is incredibly rewarding and useful.

Also, there's a decent amount of freelance Flash games work around, for which you only need demonstrable skills rather than qualifications or years of experience.
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I've downloaded and installed FlashDevelop and I'm looking around Flixel. They have decent documentation for the trees, but no map for the forest.

That said, their download does come with a cute little game to examine!
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if you know Python, try pygame or pyglet.
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