To cut or not to cut (palm tree)
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We have a palm tree that's shaped like a "V". Can we cut one of the segments (highlighted) without killing the tree?

The segment no longer has fronds coming out from the top. It appears dead or dying. Can this be safely cut without harming the other segment?
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Yes. In fact it may prolong the life of the other shoot if they share a root system.
posted by singingfish at 12:42 AM on June 6, 2009

Law of Gardening: Always remove deadwood as soon as you're positive that it is in fact dead.

It'll either help (probably significantly) like singingfish said -- imagine all the critters, insects, and diseases having a field day in the deadwood making their way down into the live tree -- or it's a sign that something more serious is wrong with the roots, in which case leaving the deadwood on won't make a difference. There won't be any "shock" from cutting off something that's already dead.
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