Next steps for a French teacher on Toronto Board's ETH list?
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(Toronto) Next steps for a French teacher who is on the Eligible-to-Hire list of the TDSB...any insider info re. likelihood of jobs? How to break into York Region? Other options I should be pursuing while I wait for news? Please help me! I'll do whatever it takes to get a great job for the coming school year.

After three years of effort (taking AQs every summer, networking, summer camps etc.) I am finally on the Eligible-to-ire list of the TDSB. I am primary-junior certified (taking intermediate ABQ this summer) and have additional qualifications in French AND Computers in the Classroom, both of which I have been teaching for the last two years at a small private school. I am also trained in the AIM method.

I love the job aspect of where I am now, but am getting under-paid by a long shot. I just need to get into a bigger pond. I have applied to York Region before but they don't seem to have centralized postings like the TDSB does and no principal has ever contacted me. I am not sure how one goes about getting a job in York Region. I also would be happy at a larger private school and I know my AIM experience will be an asset. I have had some interviews, but nothing solid yet.

I know that making the TDSB list is the holy grail because you can't even apply for jobs without it. But they seem very reluctant to actually let people have information on next steps, paperwork needed etc. And I was not able to get any information on how many people actually make the list and do NOT get a job when the pool opens up. My current principal is pressuring me to sign a contract for next year and I ave been stalling because I really want to get in at a board/private school that pays a little more competitively. They say that in spite of the cutbacks, they need French teachers. I love teaching Core French and am good at my job. I feel like I have found my passion in life and just want a good place to be where I can go with it and where someone would appreciate having a person with my skillset and experience on the team.

Any Toronto-area teachers, can you please advise me on some next steps? How many people on the ETH list won't get jobs? I heard they only interviewed French candidates this year, so I am not sure that will make me special, but will the addition of my computers qualification plus the intermediate ABQ open doors, and if so how can I make this clear to those for whom it will matter? Any advice on the best way to approach the York Region process, getting them to notice me, finding out about job postings etc? Private school tips/suggestions/leads? (Fwiw I do not drive, so I am hesitant to go further afield than York Region). I know the Toronto board's ETH is the first step, so where do I go from here to get a great job teaching Core French in Toronto?
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The Computers in the Classroom is a pretty common AQ course for teachers to take in order to move up levels, so I'm not sure that it will make a huge difference as far as getting a job (not that it was wasted time, but in your neck of the woods there are tons of teachers without jobs who have been taking courses just like you).

You need to find out what "student success initiatives" those boards have been working on, and craft your cover letter to reflect those initiatives. Things like differentiated instruction, data driven instruction, and design down planning have been a focus in my board this year, those boards might be different. It's all about picking the right keywords in order to get your resume short listed.

The best way to find out about specific French opening will be to meet as many French teachers as you can. Teachers are usually always interested in knowing whats going on HR wise in their schools and boards, so they'll often have the advance knowledge for any LTOs or new positions. They shouldn't mind talking about it, since you're not a threat to their seniority or anything.

Good luck, I have a friend who just got on the York list after three years of applying.
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This year there may be up to 200 teachers already working in the TDSB who will be board surplus (the first time in many decades that there may be lay offs), but there will no doubt still be a few french teachers who are hired. External jobs will be posted throughout the summer and into the fall, but they have to hire laid off teachers first.
My advice is to apply to check the vacancies on the tdsb website daily, and to apply to everything that you are qualified for. Special ed would definitely be an AQ that will widen your chances.
To get a job in tough days like this you need extraordinary luck or some connections. To get principals willing to go to bat for you, you need to get into the schools (summer school, tutors in the classroom, volunteering, supply teaching and LTOs). My advice would be that if you don't get a job for the fall, get on the supply list. It may not be your ideal job, but it's the best way to get the connections that will get you a job. From my experience most great supply teachers work almost every day, and many will get a long term occassional at some point. Principals like to hire people they have already worked with, so supplies and LTOs often get hired
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In my experience, you move from supply, to LTO, to full time hire. Getting on the supply list is the key to success. Once there, it can be very easy (if you are any good at all) to distinguish yourself from the hordes of incompetents (at least, at the high school level). The plan is to have Principals call you and invite you to apply.

In the meantime, supply teaching isn't all that bad.
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