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I collect The Clash bootlegs. There are a lot of them out there. But they vary in quality. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Part of the problem with just grabbing randomly is time, but more importantly, I'm using up too much HD space on crappy sets that I'm too sentimental and posessive to delete once I've made the effort.

I want sets that have Terry or, even better, Topper. The '79 show at the O'Keefe center is my threshold for quality-- audience is fine, but I need a good audience recording at the least.

There are a couple of rating sites, but they're too generous with their ratings. There are forums for this type of thing, but like most forums, they're polluted with idiots, uber-idiots who type in internet shorthand and unobjective zealots. So if there's a couple people here with recommendations, that would be wonderful.

(Please don't tell me where to get the shows. I know what you're going to suggest and they can't handle a link from here!)

So if you have a favorite show, I'm all ears.
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11/27/82 (also sometimes labeled as 10/27/82) has great sound quality, with a funky reggae tinged set. As a general recommendation I'd go with the top show ownership on etree. Here, in order from most to least popular, is the first page:
05/20/82 The Lochem Festival, Holland
09/21/79 The Palladium, NY
03/08/80 Capitol Theater, NJ
05/20/82 Lochem Festival, Holland
06/04/81 Bond's International Casino, NY
06/13/81 Bond's International Casino, NY
09/14/79 Aragon Ballroom, IL
12/29/78 London Lyceum, UK
06/04/81 Bond's International Casino, NY
12/28/78 Lyceum, England
02/01/82 Sun Plaza Hall, Japan
06/09/81 Bond's International Casino, NY
05/28/83 US Festival II, CA
09/05/76 London, England
09/21/79 The Palladium, NY
05/29/83 US Festival, CA
05/09/81 Palais St Sauveur, France
10/31/82 Bond's International Casino, NY
If someone took the time to add it to their show list it usually means that it didn't suck that bad, or it at least has some special performance, so you're going with the voting by numbers instead of ratings. At a guess all of those Bond's International Casino shows are probably pretty good. I used to have a cassette of a bunch of the gems from those shows years ago labeled simply "Bonds Casino" that I got as a freebie in a trade, and I remember them all being decent sound quality despite the 2nd or 3rd generation of tape...
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Hey togdon,
11/27/82 is purely amazing great, the songs and the banter, I had it and then I lost it and now that I know the date and all I can find it again so a big effin hug for you, for reals. To make this more clearly a semi-useful answer Mayor Curley I really suggest you get that show if you don't have it.
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Are these commercial cds, or available for download anywhere?
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Hey, I think I was at one of the 9/79 shows at the Palladium, and remember it being broadcast live over WNEW-fm; I had a cassette of it for the longest time. Do you actually have those? E-mail me!
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Are these commercial cds, or available for download anywhere?

Many shows from many artists are available for download or trade, but I'd like to caution that it's a bad addiction once you start.

I only kept the 11/27/82 show, and haven't checked out any of the others. I sympathize with Mayor Curley in that I've downloaded a handful of Clash shows over the years that have just plain sucked. I wish I remembered which ones they were so I could steer people clear of them, but like I said above, going with the shows that people kept and documented on Etree is probably at least a good start...

[For those who are curious about trading bootlegs online I suggest you hit these old threads. Note that STG is no more, and the ones that have popped up in its place are often too overburdened to handle the load, a quick google search will get you started though...]
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Are these commercial cds, or available for download anywhere?

hey used to be available here, but the downloads were shut down YESTERDAY I just discovered. (It's the site I made reference to in my "more inside" that I didn't want to be linked. But now it doesn't matter.)

Man, they had every known Clash set, I think. What a loss. I've known about it for years and I didn't have a quarter of their stuff.

But they are available as grey market cds (usually from Italy for some reason), and still can be downloaded P2P. I have all of the shows on the above list except for one of the Bond's shows.

I'm not suggesting in a public forum that I would engage in file sharing of questionable legality. But *cough* my email is in my profile if you would like to know more about live Clash.
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No coughing or wink/nudging needed. It's kosherish to trade unreleased material, especially if the band sanctions it.

I tried, in vain, to find a posted taping policy for The Clash online. If you've got a favorite band chances are they either said "yes, no, or with these stipulations" to the Live Music Archive, which was featured on MeFi a while back. It's not just smelly hippy jam bands that allow taping, many punk bands of yesteryear (and not so yesteryear) are big proponents of taping and trading concerts. as are many up and coming indie rock bands.
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No coughing or wink/nudging needed. It's kosherish to trade unreleased material, especially if the band sanctions it.

Perhaps the legal issues are just if you have files posted to a website. The aforementioned Clash City was served a cease and desist by an organization representing the Clash's publisher. The performances weren't writ to a record company, but the lyrics were owned by a publisher.
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