Kitty Filter: Where do you board your cat(s) in LA?
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Kitty Filter: Where do you board your cat(s) in LA?

I finally moved into an apartment that allows pets, yay! Planning to adopt a kitty, but want to get all my ducks in a row first. Los Angeles MeFites, please share: where do you board your cat(s) when you go on vacation and how much does it cost? Those of you who have sitters come to the house instead, what does the sitter charge? Would also appreciate specific suggestions for vets near Santa Monica / Brentwood and specific boarding facilities. I have had cats before, so don't need general cat advice, but comments about or suggestions for cool kitty-related stuff in LA welcome! Thanks!
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I thought one of the advantages to owning cats was that you can just put out a bunch of food and water and then just leave them for the week.
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When I lived in LA years and years ago, I paid $15/day for a sitter. Sorry, don't remember her name. I took my cats to Animal Medical Center on Sepulveda near the 10 and 405. They were good.

And to be honest, it never occurred to me that you would even board cats. The stress of being in a strange environment around other hostile cats doesn't really sound that great.
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Don't have any boarding suggestions (sorry), but for the other stuff:

Vet: we go to Dr. Robert Fisher at 1736 Sepulveda (just below Santa Monica). He's very nice and very thorough--asks lots of questions, takes his time, isn't in a hurry to get you out of there. Haven't been to any other vets in the area, so I can't say whether or not he's the best, but he's certainly very good, at least.

Adoption: we checked out a few shelters in the area, and the Lange Foundation was the best we saw. They're very professional, and the animals all seem pretty happy.
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