Can a baby get a little LOVE (onesie)?
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Baby-product-that-surely-exists filter: A couple friends have just had babies, and a couple more friends are about to do the same thing. I live in Philadelphia; they live all over the country. Therefore, I'm trying to find a onesie or something similar with "LOVE " on the front, a la the Robert Indiana sculpture in Love Park (I know there are many other LOVE sculptures, but I still feel like it says Philly and I know it says love, which has got to be good). My Google-fu is sucking today - help!
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Oh crap. My nephew was just wearing one of these!

Let me call my sister...
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She said it was a gift. Damn.

Try any of the cheesy souvenir places in Old City? There's one near Sugar Mom's that appears to be all t-shirts and whatnot.
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If you don't end up being able to find one, you could always make your own using a printable T-shirt transfer (you print on them using your inkjet and then iron it on to fabric). I found them at Office Max.
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Response by poster: Oh, I think I know just the place you mean! Of course, it's always closed when I pass by because I'm on my way to Sugar Mom's. I'll just have to haul my sorry carcass over there in the daylight. Curses, Old City! I am foiled again!

Thanks, orme.
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Response by poster: Yeah, soelo, I was thinking about that too. It's just that I'm at one of those "too many projects" moments - you know how it is. But considering how wildly overpriced little kid stuff is, I may just have to get it in gear and make something myself at some point.
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Half priced sandwiches 12-4!

That's daylight hours, in case you were wondering.
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Not exactly what you are looking for, but the Indianapolis Museum of Art has a bunch of LOVE related stuff. I also associate the LOVE sculpture with Philly. Good luck!
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Response by poster: I'm glad to hear that! It's good to know that other people associate it with Philly. And I can promise you that some people (um, maybe me also) are going to be getting that charm as a gift.
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There's a place on 13th that sells this. It's right next to the homewares store -- between Sansom and Walnut. It's in the window. I'm sorry I don't know the name, but I know it's on the same block as the homewares store (which is right next door.)
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Melodykramer is right. I pass by it all the time, right on 13th street in the row of shops. They actually have all sorts of cute/clever (but probably expensive) babywear.
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Looks like it might be called Gene's Urban Baby Boutique. Their online shop is here.
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No, that's in Northern Liberties -- not Center City.
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I'm pretty sure the place on 13th is Scarlet Fiorella (website), which is a shop or two down from Open House (you can see Scarlet Fiorella a little down the street in the photo). It's the block above Sansom, between Sansom and Chestnut, rather than Walnut. Searching their site for "love" yields this. Maybe they have more in-store.
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Response by poster: Thank you, melodykramer and polexa, for the explicit address. My awful sense of direction is legendary. Simply legendary. Barnone, that place you mentioned looks really good. And The Michael The, same goes for you.

I am continually pleasantly surprised by (and grateful for) how gracious and generous people are on this site. Probably because my local is Phillyblog...informative but easily annoyed.
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