Help me dress like a pirate
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Help me dress like a pirate by tonight.

Okay, so I need to have a passable pirate costume for a party tonight. I don't really have any clothes that fit the bill. Any suggestions on the most crucial items and where I can find them locally for pretty cheap? I'm located in Philadelphia.

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Party stores and toy stores. Parrot, eyepatch, sword, 3 point hat should all be able to be gotten there. Goodwill for fluffy white shirt, leather or black vest. Do you have boots?

And, are you male or female?
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Bandana do-rag for the head, clip on earring. White shirt, tight-ish pants. Sash for belt. Fake parrot for shoulder. I bet you could locate some of that stuff at a party supply place, near (or among) the party favors. If you want to go all out, get a small steering wheel and hang it out of your fly. If any one asks you about it, respond* with "Yaaar, 'tis drivin' me nuts!"

* - assuming you're a guy
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Best answer: Cut the legs off of a pair of pants, below your knee, and shred the hems for that frayed, high water pirate look. Use a bit of rope for a belt. Long sleeved striped shirt. Bandana. Gold hoop earrings (real or fake). Boots.

Or just go to Pierre's on 3rd Street.
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if it was me I would get a toy AK-47 and go the "modern pirate" route, but I guess it depends on your audience.
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Oddly, I had this same challenge some years back. My solution was a bandanna worn on the head (a la Little Steven or David Foster Wallace), a thrift store tuxedo shirt, old pants cut off raggedly below the knees, and a pair of black shoes.
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Use a wire coat-hanger for the requisite hook hand.
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Seconding Pierre's on 3rd.
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Making a sword is easy. Just sharpie an outline onto a pizza box (or any old box you have lying around), cut it out with a blade and wrap in aluminum foil.

Go to the thrift store and fold an old fashioned tuxedo shirt.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I should have mentioned that but yeah, I'm a guy. These are all great ideas, thanks everyone! I think I'm going to have to check out Pierre's.
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These days, eyeliner might be helpful.
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fold = find
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Dress as yourself, but carry around a few blank CDs or DVDs.
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Don't forget to bring some limes.

Why? To ward off scurvy, of course.
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Hurry, Pierre's closes at 5, I think.
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Get an old leather jacket at goodwill. Cut the sleeves off and use them for leggings. The rest can be made into a vest. Cut off the zipper, buttons, or any modern looking details. Punch a series of holes on either side of where the zipper used to be, and lace up the front with a long shoelace. Wear over a big baggy (and possibly worn and dirty looking) shirt. A scarf on the head, an eyepatch, and you're good to go.
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Get really, really drunk and have some friends beat the holy living shit out of you. Add an eyepatch. Done.
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Scarves. Around your head, around your waist, around your arm, or use as a sling for your hacked-off hand and make a hook out of tinfoil. Scarves are good.

Any shirt with buttons (or no shirt) + waistcoat (unbuttoned) + roll your trousers up to the knee + boots or barefoot + messy hair + draw on some tattoos with liquid eyeliner = PIRATE.
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