I would like to pet your cats
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I'm interested in volunteering at a cat rescue organization in New York City. Any recommendations?

It's not quite the right time for me to adopt a pair of cats, as I was hoping to do this summer, but I'm still looking to get some quality cat time in my life. Consequently, I'd like to volunteer at a rescue or animal shelter here in NYC.

I'm really only interested in interacting with cats and kittens, but I'm not afraid of or allergic to dogs and other animals so it doesn't necessarily have to be a cat-only organization.

I don't have a lot of time to commit - the ideal for me would be something like one weekend day a week (probably Sunday) or one evening a week after work. I am most looking forward to playing with and helping to socialize cats and kittens, but I understand that less fun things like feeding and litter changing will be needed as well and I don't object to that. I've had several cats in the past so I have experience in most aspects of kitty caretaking.

Can anyone recommend a shelter for me to check out?
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It's a bit out of town but Tabby's Place in central NJ is pretty great.
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Ollie's Place.
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I've been fostering a cat in Bklyn since December through such a group. MeMail me for contact info.
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I adopted a great cat via City Critters, which focuses on homeless NYC cats. The site says they need volunteers.
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A coworker of mine volunteers at KittyKind once a week and enjoys it.
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Response by poster: As a followup, I have started volunteering at Ollie's Place and am enjoying it. I also applied at Bidawee, but they never contacted me.
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