Which host offers the most interpreters?
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Is there a reliable, not-too-expensive hosting company out there that lets you post server scripts in most open-source languages?

This is for personal use. I know PHP and I'm learning Python. Eventually, I want to learn Java and one of the popular functional languages. And maybe some C++.

I know I could just download the various interpreters and compilers and play around locally, but it's so much more fun writing web apps for public consumption.

Currently, I'm with Dreamhost, and they let me code in PHP and Python. Is there another host out there with more options?

I know I could get my own dedicated server or use Amazon's cloud service, but those would be expensive solutions -- wouldn't they? If that's the only way to go, help me find the most reasonable option. I'm talking personal website stuff here. I currently pay $30 a month to Dreamhost. I'd pay a bit more than that if necessary, but I'd rather not pay hundreds a month.
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You pay $30/mo with Dreamhost? What plan are you on? Most are ~$10.

DH also allows RoR and a few others, IIRC. Isn't it dependent upon fcgi?
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Best answer: You can get a virtual server from Linode.com for $19/mo. This is full root access to a virtual hosted machine running on Xen (which is the same kernel Amazon's EC2 uses)
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Also running a 'small' image on EC2 24/7 costs 10¢/hour*24h/day*30days/month = $72 a month.
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Response by poster: unirat, I run several sites off Dreamhost, so I pay them extra for more space.
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Once you run your own VPS, you can consolidate all your sites using virtual hosts.
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I was going to recommend Linode.com as well. Linode lacks any fancy user interfaces - but there are plenty of guides out there on sitting Unbuntu up and hardening it. Give me a yell if you need pointed in the right direction.
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Just in case anyone else is looking for this.

Great setup guide:

Good overall tips on hardening and etc:

The user forums at Linode are great as well
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Go to your Control Panel >> Billing >> Accounts (or here) and upgrade your account.
I upgraded from Crazy Domain Insane to Happy Hosting, and it doubled my diskspace but halved my costs. However, I don't recall exactly how I did it, but it was definately there somewhere.

Hosting plans get updated over time, your account does not.
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Response by poster: I upgraded from Crazy Domain Insane to Happy Hosting

I just checked out Happy Hosting. It's a bit confusing. Am I reading it right? $5.95 a month, but you have to pay for 10 YEARS????
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I second Linode. You'll get some sysadmin chops as well.
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In addition to trying it out remotely you could create a virtualbox host and install linux on that, then when you've got the server setup all worked out move up to a linode install.
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